Artificial Intelligence Podcast

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) podcast is a series of accessible, big-picture conversations at MIT and beyond about science, technology, and the nature of intelligence.

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Podcast Statistics
(Automatically updated on Jul 18, 2019)
Podcast Downloads (Blubrry API): 3,075,488
Related Video Views (YouTube API): 4,093,053
Kevin Scott
CTO, Microsoft
Gustav Soderstrom
Chief R&D Officer, Spotify
Jeff Hawkins
Co-Founder, Numenta
Rosalind Picard
Professor, MIT
Gavin Miller
Head of Adobe Research
Rajat Monga
Engineering Director, Google
Ian Goodfellow
Director of Machine Learning, Apple
Elon Musk
CEO, Tesla, SpaceX
Greg Brockman
Co-Founder and CTO, OpenAI
Kyle Vogt
CTO, Cruise Automation
Tuomas Sandholm
Professor, CMU
Juergen Schmidhuber
Co-Director, Swiss AI Lab IDSIA
Stuart Russell
Professor, Berkeley
Eric Schmidt
CEO/Chairman, Google (2001-17)
Guido van Rossum
Creator and BDFL of Python
Jeff Atwood
Co-Founder, Stack Overflow
Vladimir Vapnik
Professor, Columbia University
Yoshua Bengio
University of Montreal
Steven Pinker
Professor, Harvard University
Christof Koch
President, Allen Institute
Max Tegmark
Professor, MIT
Ilya Sutskever
Co-Founder, OpenAI
Lisa Feldman Barrett
Professor, Northeastern U.
Stephen Wolfram
Wolfram Research

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