#93 – Daphne Koller: Biomedicine and Machine Learning

Daphne Koller is a professor of computer science at Stanford University, a co-founder of Coursera with Andrew Ng and Founder and CEO of insitro, a company at the intersection of machine learning and biomedicine.

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Daphne’s Website: https://ai.stanford.edu/users/koller/index.html
Insitro: http://insitro.com

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Here’s the outline of the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.

00:00 – Introduction
02:22 – Will we one day cure all disease?
06:31 – Longevity
10:16 – Role of machine learning in treating diseases
13:05 – A personal journey to medicine
16:25 – Insitro and disease-in-a-dish models
33:25 – What diseases can be helped with disease-in-a-dish approaches?
36:43 – Coursera and education
49:04 – Advice to people interested in AI
50:52 – Beautiful idea in deep learning
55:10 – Uncertainty in AI
58:29 – AGI and AI safety
1:06:52 – Are most people good?
1:09:04 – Meaning of life