#102 – Steven Pressfield: The War of Art

Steven Pressfield is a historian and author of War of Art, a book that had a big impact on my life and the life of millions of whose passion is to create in art, science, business, sport, and everywhere else. I highly recommend it and others of his books on this topic, including Turning Pro, Do the Work, Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit, and the Warrior Ethos. Also his books Gates of Fire about the Spartans and the battle at Thermopylae, The Lion’s Gate, Tides of War, and others are some of the best historical fiction novels ever written.

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Here’s the outline of the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.

00:00 – Introduction
05:00 – Nature of war
11:43 – The struggle within
17:11 – Love and hate in a time of war
25:17 – Future of warfare
28:31 – Technology in war
30:10 – What it takes to kill a person
32:22 – Mortality
37:30 – The muse
46:09 – Editing
52:19 – Resistance
1:10:41 – Loneliness
1:12:24 – Is a warrior born or trained?
1:13:53 – Hard work and health
1:18:41 – Daily ritual