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This is the personal page of Lex Fridman.
I'm an engineer, programmer, grappler.
More about me.

New Stuff (As of 4/21/14 my feed only includes poetry for some strange reason. When I have time to fix this, I will.)

Mon, Jul 28 - Poetry - i smiled too
Wed, Jul 23 - Poetry - the whim of her god
Mon, Jul 21 - Poetry - your lips are softer than a fresh gummy bear
Sun, Jul 20 - Poetry - a ping pong ball in a red cup half-full of warm beer...
Wed, Jul 16 - Poetry - will our love be fire or glue?
Tue, Jul 15 - Poetry - teeth scratching the snake
Fri, Jul 11 - Take It Uneasy - 37: Andre Terencio, IBJJF Referee, on New Rules, Leg...
Thu, Jul 10 - Poetry - diner pancakes at 6am on january 1st
Wed, Jul 9 - Poetry - peanut butter on my tongue
Wed, Jul 9 - Poetry - busy bee