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Lex Fridman
I'm a research scientist at MIT, working on deep learning in the context of semi-autonomous vehicles, driver state sensing, scene perception, motion control and planning.

Recent News

MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

A course on the practice of deep learning explored through the theme of building a self-driving car. Course page is http://selfdrivingcars.mit.edu. Besides lectures and guest talks, it included a deep reinforcement learning competition (DeepTraffic) and an end-to-end driving simulation (DeepTesla).

Select Videos: Research, Demos, and Talks

A talk at TMC Connect 2016 on our use of computer vision to extract the state of the vehicle, the driver, and the external world during naturalistic use of Autopilot in Tesla vehicles.
A demonstration of our gaze region classification algorithm on five synchronized video streams in a Tesla while transfering control to Autopilot and taking control back.
We present a method for detecting driver frustration from both video and audio streams captured during the driver's interaction with an in-vehicle voice-based navigation system.
This is a demo for our automated synchronization algorithm for driving data that uses vibration and steering events to sync driving data within 13ms precision.


MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology Study: Large-Scale Deep Learning Based Analysis of Driver Behavior and Interaction with Automation
Authors: Fridman, Brown, Glazer, Angell, Dodd, Jenik, et al.
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Arguing Machines: Perception-Control System Redundancy and Edge Case Discovery in Real-World Autonomous Driving
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Designing Toward Minimalism in Modern Vehicle HMI
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Road Curvature with Tesla Autopilot: Difference in Approach between Human and Machine
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Cognitive Load Estimation in the Wild
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Understanding Non-Verbal Communication Between Vehicles and Pedestrians Toward Safer Automated Vehicles
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What Can Be Predicted from 6 Seconds of Driver Glances?
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Semi-Automated Annotation of Discrete States in Large Video Datasets
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SideEye: A Generative Neural Network Based Simulator of Human Peripheral Vision
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Owl and Lizard: Patterns of Head Pose
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Automated Synchronization of Driving Data
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Active Linguistic Authentication Using Real-Time
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Distributed Path Planning for Connectivity Under Uncertainty
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Communication-Based Motion Planning
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Path Planning for Network Performance
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Visualization of Resource Allocation
in Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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Robust Optimal Power Control for Ad Hoc Networks
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