YouTube Feature Suggestion: Paid Subscriptions to Channels

One of the things that makes YouTube popular is that most of the videos on there are free. I still refuse to believe that YouTube makes any profit in its current ad-supported operation. I think the plan is long term: to be the video hub of the future for ALL your video-viewing interests. Side note: I’m not sure how more eyes will equal more money (since more eyes equals higher costs too).

The feature that I would love to see YouTube implement is paid subscriptions to channels. For example, I’m a member of and which are sites that regularly publish instructional videos on grappling. I’m also a member of which publishes instructional videos on all kinds of software that I use.

It would be awesome if all of their content could move to YouTube, to a unified social network system. I could share some of the videos with my friends for free which could serve as excellent advertisement and would allow me share with the world how much I’ve learned from a particular video. I feel this kind of system would also allow new Youtubers succeed in getting more viewers/fans/subscribers to their channels without having to buy Youtube likes.

Anyway, I wanted to drop this little comment in the bottomless web bucket as a kind of Friday night prayer to the Google Gods so that they may continue innovating the heck out of our online experience.

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