Yoshida’s Uchi Mata

Before he was an okay MMA fighter, Hidehiko Yoshida was an incredible judoka with a deadly uchi mata.

In the following video, he gives a few excellent tips on the uchi mata, such as not stepping in too close, almost pulling more up than back, and exaggerating the pull when doing uchikomi.

Of course, he makes it look easy, but it’s not easy. The reality of uchi mata is that it takes thousands of repetitions through uchikomi, randori, and a feel + timing to execute all the fundamentals of the technique in competition. I know where I’m supposed to step and how I’m supposed to pull, but doing it in a way where the opponent doesn’t see it coming a million miles away is the challenge and art of it.

0 thoughts on “Yoshida’s Uchi Mata

  1. Tim

    Uchi Mata has been one of my favourite throws since i started 10 years ago and i try to go for it when i have a good distance from my opponent. My only trouble is i have had very low confidence in randori and competitions which gives me anxiety attacks sometimes. I have a very powerful and fast attack but i am not confident enough to use it. I am also affraid of hurting someone if it goes wrong because of the speed of my technique. Do you have any suggestions that can help me with my problem?.

    1. Lex Post author

      My suggestion is you build confidence by throwing less skilled opponents in randori without doing it too quickly. Your uchimata should work when you do it slower in randori. Doing it too fast will hide the potential flaws in the technique.


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