Yahoo’s YUI Library

While watching Lecture 1 of Harvard’s Building Dynamic Websites course, I was introduced briefly to Yahoo’s YUI Library:

Yahoo User Interface Library

It’s a well documented open source Javascript/CSS library. It’s essentially a large number of tools to help build websites that work across all browsers. Examples of cool things include:

  • Autocomplete: suggestion lists and type-ahead functionality for user interactions involving text-entry
  • Calendar: graphical date selection
  • Charts: beautiful charts (line, bar, pie, etc.)
  • ImageCropper: crop images!
  • Rich Text Editor: highly configurable text processor
  • Okay, really, the feature list goes on forever

I think open source projects with large innovative companies behind them are essential to progress in web development standards and more powerful programming tools. YUI is an excellent example of such a project that should be used by all web designers. Of course, there’s always a learning curve, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs.

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