“Winners Lose More Than Losers Lose”

Once again, Gene Zannetti came through with a few excellent words of advice in the following video:

One of the passing quotes in the video is “winners lose more than losers lose”. Perhaps the quote itself is a cliche by now, but it’s one I personally haven’t heard, and it was a refreshing reminder of where the mind should be in training and in competition.

You shouldn’t care about winning or losing. You shouldn’t be concerned with the score or anything else, the mind should only focus on continuous execution of your game as flawlessly as possible.

For me personally, I don’t remember the matches I lost or won nearly as much as I remember the matches where I held back, I held on to a lead or gave in to exhaustion. Those are the matches where I failed, whether I won or lost. The best matches are always ones where winning doesn’t enter my mind, instead I’m consumed with the chess game of it. Those are the matches that I enjoy the most no matter how challenging they are, and those are the matches that keep me returning again and again to the competition mat.

0 thoughts on ““Winners Lose More Than Losers Lose”

  1. Frei

    So true. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Really helpful esp. for someone who doesn’t have anyone to talk to about the mental part of training.

    1. Lex Post author

      Any time, you can always talk to me about it. I think the mental side of competition, training, and really doing anything hard is very important and often not considered at all (especially at the amateur level).


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