Why Has No One Murdered Me (Yet) on Craigslist

First, sorry to be making light of crime. It’s a serious thing and should be taken seriously, so demonstrate some caution and damn common sense!

I use Craiglist to find carpools to tournaments. There are a lot of people out there that need to travel and like to carpool because they need help driving  or are looking to save some money by sharing the cost.

Whenever people hear that I do this, the first thing that comes up is the idea of a big biker dude sexually assaulting me and then (optionally) murdering me. Neither of those things has happened yet. In fact, the people I meet through Craiglist are usually the opposite of a violent excon biker. Most people I’ve met are hippies: college students, soccer moms, and European girls that giggle a lot.

When I tell this to people, they then argue that “of course these people appear to be harmless until you get to a truck stop somewhere, at which point they surprise attack you and have their merry way with your unconscious body”. While this is of course true, I don’t see why this can’t happen in my current home of sunny Philadelphia or anywhere any time. You have to have a rational estimation of risk in life. Otherwise, you never experience anything interesting.

This blog post will be of dark comedic value if I do get murdered one of these days while carpooling with a Craigslist person.

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