War: What is it Good For?

Violence is rarely an outcome of rational deliberation. In deciding whether or not to declare war as a country, as a people, we tend to ignore obvious likely consequences of war.

This interesting article supports that intuitive fact.

The very first question in that article is enough to make my point. “How many lives would you be willing to sacrifice to remove a murderous dictator like Saddam Hussein?” This question was never asked, because it’s a cold calculating question that has to acknowledge as a premise that we are going to have to sacrifice lives.

Instead the discussion was in terms of an arbitrary future threat to civilization from a vague boogie man (i.e. terrorism). There are quantifiable threats associated with terrorism. Numbers. You can estimate probabilities, death tolls, financial impact. And based on that, you can make a decision on whether to go to war. But instead, it seems to me, that we instead make that decision throughout history based on emotions, such as fear, pride, and anger… It’s tragic.

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  1. Jeff

    What’s it good for? Lots of things. Making songs… um, already done.

    What good is training two times a day with an injured shoulder? Is it the most rational decision? Wouldn’t it be better to let it fully heal and then start a recovery and rebuilding program to let you come back stronger and faster than before? Is it because the grass is green, or that spring is right around the corner, Liberty Bell is this month and Nationals is next month? Do any of those reasons make rational sense? If someone as intelligent as you doesn’t make rational decisions all the time why would you expect other humans to make rational decisions all the time? Because they are smarter? You and I both know that isn’t true.

    Even IF the leaders of this country became completely rational humans (Vulcans) the other beings that they would have to interface with would still be limited humans making “poor” decisions… So, the cycle would repeat until there were Vulcans on both sides negotiating.

    As for what it is really good for, I don’t know. But the next time we meet on the mat, just fall on your back giving me the win. Why? Because you know my skills and knowledge is superior and fighting would be futile. Afterwords we can discuss war, ending would hunger or anything else you would like to chat about… 😉

    1. Lex Post author

      Agreed. I just wish people cared enough to even think about any of this stuff. Most just focus on their own lives, and the deliciously cold beer waiting for them after work.

      I really need to get my lazy a** to watch some Star Trek. I have not seen a single minute of it, and have just been clumping it in with other cheesy sci-fi shows in my mind.

      Resistance is futile, you’re right. I trust that in your very old age you have accumulated the kind of wisdom and experience that can overwhelm any young and handsome opponent such as me 😉


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