WampServer vs XAMPP

wamp-server-easy-configuration-menuThis is not an Earth shattering post. Moreover, it’s not an objective one, that is, it is based on my experience and my experience only.

WAMP is a bundle of Apache, MySql, and PHP (though often also Perl and/or Python) for Windows. These are the things you need to run a dynamic website (in my case, for development and testing) on your computer in Windows. The idea is that a WAMP bundle makes the process of downloading, installing, and configuring the individual components easy and quick.

The two most popular WAMP tools are XAMPP and WampServer. I used XAMPP for a couple years, but it started disconnecting me from the internet recently for some unknown reason (that is probably my fault). I tried to fix it, and couldn’t especially given the conditions under which the problem arose were hard to pin down precisely.

So I installed WampServer instead last week, and I have to say that the basic task of turning everything on and off, tweaking configuring, enabling modules, changing versions of individual components, etc is a lot easier in WampServer. By “easier” I mean it’s more intuitive. The little menu that pops up from WampServer icon in the taskbar has all the options you need and none you don’t.

There may be people out there that have had a different experience, but I know I myself was wondering whether grass is greener on the other side, and in this case it was!

One thought on “WampServer vs XAMPP

  1. frank

    I’m using XAMPP for a couple of years now it is working fine and I’ve completed all my projects with it, but now i’m looking to try my hand on AMPPS because it is looking very promising.

  2. Shahab

    I’ve used both of them , Wamp is user friendly , But XAMPP has two practical advantage plus all the features of Wamp :
    First : This is useful for using programming languages like PHP, JSP, Servlets
    Second : Portability

  3. Aditaba

    I would say is that Wampp or Xampp are both excellent but depends if you are windows bind or if you like to try differents S.O. and what are you doing. I have XP, Win7 and Linux.

  4. samuel

    i tried to setup my xamp server i tell you its more complicating setting it up until a friend of mine introduced me to wamp server….. i find this very good because it is user friendly a novice can even run a wamp….. for me amt is the best though i work it offline.

  5. JimmyB

    I tried Wamp and had a difficult time setting it up (I’m not very experienced, but a quick learner.) I did get it working, then found Universalserverz. It turned out to have everything that Wamp has, plus, is a SNAP to install! (Particularly considering the insertion of the “Password”.)

    Give it a try!


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