Walking Past the Guard

Here is a guard pass from Rodolfo Vieira that I literally watched about 20 times in a row in the morning today.

This pass may seem too easy to most people. It has already collected 2 dislikes on YouTube and a comment saying that it’ll never work. But I believe that the idea behind this guard pass is at the core of what makes Rodolfo one of the best guard passers in the world. What’s the idea? There’s two: misdirection and timing. I’ve been thinking of these two ever since JW started me on my guard passing journey with the x-pass about 6 months ago.

I’ve drilled about 10 different guard passes for several thousand times at this point, and the picture is slowly starting to emerge. The best guard pass is not one semitruck running over another semitruck. The best guard pass is the bullfighter stepping aside as the enraged bull rushes past. It’s subtle and crisp.

One of the jiu jitsu guys that I follow closely on the Internets is Philadelphia’s own Josh Vogel, and he wrote two good posts on just these two topics. He breaks down these two ideas  of timing and misdirection which I think is rarely done with such rigor.

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  1. Josh

    Great post! Thanks Lex! I agree, I think that video of Viera sums up pretty well his style of passing. You can see a lot of the same concept is you watch guys like Bruno Frazzato, Gilbert burns and some of Abmar barbosas passing vs Kron Gracie in their most recent match.


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