Visiting Fight Sports Miami (Cyborg’s Academy)

While visiting Miami for a conference, I got a chance to train at Fight Sports Miami (Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu‘s academy headquarters). I went there directly from the airport and ironically enough shared a cab with a sweet older lady who mentioned casually that she used to train at Renzo Gracie’s academy in NYC. She now lived in Chicago and seemed to be a little disappointed at herself for taking a long break in her jiu jitsu journey.

Fight Sports has a lot of top-notch competitors, so the training was right up my alley. Cyborg himself wasn’t there this week. He had just competed at IBJJF Worlds the previous weekend and stayed in California training for his Metamoris 2 match this Sunday.

miami-bjj-fight-sports-cyborg-deninho-lexI attended an afternoon gi class that was run by Denis “Deninho” Mitchel Pinto (pictured left) who is a long-time black belt and MMA fighter. The class was basically everything I could ask for from a competition-centric class. The warm-up was intense, the drilling was focused, and the training was hard but technical. I could tell if I was a regular student at this school Denis (and the others) are the type of coaches and training partners that can really turn it up when preparing for tournaments.

I got to roll with everyone including Denis himself. I also ran into Ricardo Rezende (a top-notch black belt competitor) after the training and was looking forward to training no-gi with him the following day, but I unfortunately couldn’t get away from work then. Next time I’m in Miami, I’ll definitely be hitting up this school again.

I should mention that Cyborg has an excellent online instructional site full of detailed videos at Check it out. I’m a member of it for almost a year now and it’s definitely worth it.

Good luck to Cyborg competing in Metamoris 2 this weekend against Brendan Schaub. Here’s the countdown video for their matchup:

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