Video of Good Fight Matches with Commentary

A month late, but better late than never, here are some parts of my matches from the March 2013 Good Fight tournament in Philly. I described the experience in more detail in a previous blog post, but here are the matches:

I’m trying to make sure that I video, edit, and put up the matches from most of the tournaments I go to, win or lose. Hopefully it encourages other to compete as well, when they see that it’s not much different than training back at the academy.

While my jiu jitsu slowly improves, it’s also exciting to see that my play-by-play commentary skills remain the same at a steady level of mediocrity that I so proudly strive for.

0 thoughts on “Video of Good Fight Matches with Commentary

    1. Lex Post author

      Not at all, I’m not worried about posting my matches online. I don’t mind people knowing “my game”. This is all just fun for me. I just think that given how often I compete posting all my matches is going to bore people. I try to cut out the boring stuff.


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