Unions: Pros and Cons

Pictured is what appears to be a 12 year old girl working at a cotton mill in 1908.

I am very torn on whether a union is a good thing or not. First step in deciding this for me is to separate the pro and cons from the people that are pushing each (workers and “billionaires”, respectively), because if I didn’t I would definitely be pro-union. Regular folks always take precedence in my book to people with an excess of money and power.


  • Fighting for a living wage (which grows a strong middle class)
  • Fighting for good working conditions


  • Ignoring market forces (natural incentives)
  • Higher unemployment
  • Job security = less competition = lower productivity

No matter what, the recent events in Wisconsin are outrageous. The people have spoken, and the government is not listening. I think Governor Walker is David Koch’s lap dog, and that’s the kind of weakness in a political leader that has the potential to seriously damage the democratic fabric of our great country.

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  1. Ryan

    I’ve been confused on the matter as well- especially growing up around Chicago and dealing with labor strikes in the middle of road construction on 290- after all contracts and terms had been settled. It’s hard to commute down a half-destroyed road and watch the union guys standing around waiting on the word from above to continue working.

    Unions have done great things in the past, and they definitely serve as political leverage going against billions of dollars from corporate interests. I think my loyalty lies with private unions more so than public- at least in the private sector the industry will work itself out; the government is under exclusive contract and can get caught.

    All that being said, the issue in WI isn’t about dollars, it’s about votes, and Walker had his goal backfire on him pretty hard, IMO.


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