Two Troublemakers


Leg day. SOB. Given how much I deadlift, I can’t believe how tough lunges with 135 was. I should be able to do 225 ten times I think by June. I’ll at least work towards that. Anyway, I did squats, lunges, grips, and core.

Judo at Drexel

Two throws that cause me much grief. Uchimata and Ouchi Gari. Not only are these two throws my main concern in competition, but also, they are just damn hard to do. They both involve generating ALOT of power on one leg while balancing yourself and getting the opponent off balance.

Will showed uchi mata. Matt showed ouchi gari, first to the right, then to the left, then to the left with a left leg grab, and finally the big daddy: to the right with a left leg grab (both simultaneous and leg-grab first). Lot of nice variations and a long road to even begin getting this throw.

I did about 100 uchikomi total.

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