Two Goals for 2011

Being an OCD analytically minded person who keeps detailed notes and stats on most aspects of my life, I like to set quantitative goals. This way I have a precise way (there’s that OCD again) of keeping track of my progress toward that goal.

Last year I put some numbers up for judo as goals and was able to hit all of them (100 matches in competition, most notably). I’m not a big fan of setting goals for winning or “quality” goals. I’m all about quantity, the hours on the mat, day after day. So here are my judo and jiu jitsu related goals for 2011. At the end of each month I’ll post about my progress toward each of these.

  • 600 hours training on the mat
  • 100 matches in competition

I’ve hit the second goal last year, and if the last two months is an indication, then I can do 600-800 hours. So the goals are reasonable, but tough.

Outside the numbers, my main goal is to have fun training and learning. I’ve met a lot of exceptional people through jiu jitsu and judo. My allegiance, my love, and my loyalty is to the sport and the people that share my passion for it. Here’s to a great 2011 for all my fellow grapplers in Philadelphia and the world.

As a side note to the few friends (Matt) that stuck by me all these years, and new friends, please understand that achieving the above goals while pursuing the main calling and passion of my life (research in computer science) is a constant scheduling nightmare. Thank you for being there, supporting this madness, and not holding my obvious flaws against me.

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