Training in Heat

The nice thing about training when it’s hot outside (or wherever you are) is that you feel like you got a good workout in before the workout even starts. It’s funny how the quantity of sweat seems to serve as a psychological indicator to me of how hard I’ve worked.

If I’ve trained judo or jiu jitsu and my gi is soaking wet, I feel like it’s been a good workout. Of course, that’s not always the case, especially as we enter the summer months. Still, I’ll take hot over cold any day.

I’m sure all the folks getting ready for Worlds this week will appreciate a little help from the weather gods in making the weight cut.

PS: Good luck to Andrew Thomas of BJJ United who is fighting at Worlds this upcoming weekend. His division has 76 people so far. I wish I was there with him, to support and fight alongside. My divisions have 115 and 101 people (lightweight and middleweight, respectively). What a tournament!

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