Top 5 Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Songs (Modern Day)

The ambition of the title of this post cracks me up, because I’m neither prepared to make a real top 5 list nor do I think such a list is possible to make even based on just my opinion. On any given day, for any given genre, I would probably give you a completely different top 5 list.

This is not based on pure guitar virtuosity but on the power of the song and musician all elements meshed together into one split second decision on my part (very early in the morning). Here we go form #5 down to #1.

#5 – Michael Hedges – Aerial Boundaries

#4 – Adrian Legg – Cajun Interlude

#3 – Gypsy Kings – Rumba Tech

#2 – Tommy Emmanuel – Classical Gas

#1 – Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Diablo Rojo

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