Top 3 BJJ and Judo Blog Posts of the Week

I read a bunch of blogs on judo and jiu jitsu throughout the week, and I thought that I’d pick out my favorite 3 every week. First, let me give a shout out to BJJ News (and on Facebook too). They do an awesome job of finding interesting articles and videos on a daily basis.

Here are three posts I liked in no particular order. Check them out, comment, and subscribe to their feeds! Reward informative blogs with your positive feedback. They will appreciate it, and work that much harder.

  1. Are You Consumed With the Question of Why from BJJ Canvas:
    You should always be asking yourself “why” especially when a technique doesn’t work. That leads to a better understanding of the concept behind the technique and in turn helps you figure out how it can work for your style and body type.
  2. Interview with Professor Jacare Cavalcanti from Science of Skill:
    Lots of wise words here from the head of Alliance in US. Including: a team of champions builds “momentum”, and that the job of an instructor is to find ways to challenge everyone no matter how good they are.
  3. Judo Players to Dominate Mixed Martial Arts? from Business/Judo of Life:
    A brutally honest look at judo in MMA from a judo world champion and the mom of one of the star judokas in MMA right now. If your game relies on grips, your throws may not transfer effectively to the cage.

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