Three New Blue Belts

Peter, Lee, and Dave got promoted to blue belt at Osagame yesterday. All three of them are good competitors, and all three are good people. Congrats!

There’s something about a promotion of a friend that makes me look back with a kind of melancholy pride. Their old belt is a reminder that time flies and that all those months and years of training, competing, or just hanging out on the mat are behind us.

On my way back home, I started thinking of all the times I watched Dave and the others competing, on the edge of my seat, yelling stupid random advice. I know I’m just a blue belt and I’m talking about other blue belts. What the hell do I know? But the experience is still real, and it is certainly exciting knowing that this is just the beginning! I look forward to moving through the ranks and watching the others do the same as Ray and the other instructors grow the club and the competition team.

On a side note, I gave Dave some advice today on a couple of techniques, and then felt like one of those annoying white belts or blue belts that are always correcting people on their technique. Clearly, 2 years of training is enough to make anyone an expert 😉

I thought that dealing with that whole ego problem would get easier as I progress, but it’s actually getting harder. It makes me appreciate (what I imagine to be) the immense mental barriers that brown and black belts must overcome in order to learn new techniques in the gym and to test new strategies on the competition mat.

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