“There’s No Wrong Way In Jiu Jitsu”

As usual I must type out a bunch of tangential soliloquy before I get to the point of the blog post. Bear with me.

Given my recent work load, my “training” has included a lot of watching of jiu jitsu and judo instructionals and competition footage.

I talk about drilling a lot, but I should also mention that watching instructionals is a really effective way of improving your game. It depends on your personality of course. It works for me. A good instructor sets you on the right path and fixes critical mistakes, but exploring the intricacies of techniques is often something you have to do on your own. That where instructionals come in. I don’t just watch random stuff. I focus on specific positions.

One of my favorite takes on passing the closed guard, for example, is from the online instructional of Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. I’m a member of his new online training academy at BJJWorldChampion.com. There’s about 15 videos on passing the closed guard alone. I could spend several months just working on those. He basically shows the good solid fundamentals of the like you might find in Saulo Ribeiro’s classic instructional. But he adds a few interesting details to each technique which makes me think about the position in a whole new way. I now know how to take the back off of the stack pass 😉

Now the title of the post is a quote of Cyborg in one of those videos that grabbed my attention. He introduced the technique as just one way of doing it, and that there is no right or wrong way in jiu jitsu. You have to find the variation that works well for your physical and mental attributes. Cyborg’s basic justification for a technique is two fold:

  1. This has worked for me against the best people in the world in competition.
  2. I think it may work for you as well for the following reasons…

Frankly, it’s refreshing to hear that, because too many instructionals claim their way of doing a technique as THE way. I understand why they do it. Because while there is “no wrong way in jiu jitsu”, there are lots of ways that are most likely going to be wrong for most people. But the cost of that is it discourages exploration and understanding what makes the technique work.


0 thoughts on ““There’s No Wrong Way In Jiu Jitsu”

    1. Lex Post author

      Thanks Phil. The pattern that seems to work well for people is to first imitate the people you look up to and then slowly develop your own thing.

  1. AnnMaria

    I have said that for years and years – if you win, it’s right!
    The notion of a “right way” is just silly.

    On the watching videos instead of going to practice – I know you know this but … while it is better than nothing it is NOT equal to getting on the mat. Good luck in getting the time again to get back to practice.

    1. Lex Post author

      Funny how most athletes at their peak don’t seem to be updating Twitter too often, lol. As you say, the greats have to live on the mat. Train, nap, eat, train, nap, eat, etc.


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