The Tanks of Jiu Jitsu: Andre Galvao and Xande Ribeiro

Andre Galvao and Xande Ribeiro have fought each other twice within the last month. First at the San Diego trials for the World Pro, and then again yesterday for the finals of the World Pro.

Xande won the first match. Galvao won the second. However, I think neither match had a clear winner, and the only thing you can say is that both matches were an exhibition of HEAVY guard passing. Nothing fancy, just basics with tight heavy pressure. Here ‘s the first match from the trials:

Here’s the second match from finals:

It’s easy to say it, but I have to agree with the general consensus that for matches like these, 6 minutes seems like way too short a time. I think 6 minutes does encourage the athletes to open up and go hard, but when they are as evenly matched as these two, it would be great for everyone to see it play out for longer (say 10 minutes).

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