The Silver Lining of Pollen Allergies

Every year, starting mid-April and ending in early June, I “suffer” along with 20% of Americans the pollen allergy symptoms of runny nose, itchy eyes/throat, cough, trouble breathing, etc.

Silver liningI like this kind of “suffering” in that it’s not at all “suffering” but rather just annoying discomfort. Over the years of trying to learn and get good at stuff, I’ve figured out a simple fact that improvement requires you to be always choosing the less “comfortable” option. In other words, as many people have said, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. That might seem ridiculous or even masochistic, but I think it’s just practical. Every day I step outside my comfort zone in a bunch of ways in work, in sport, in conversation, in thinking, etc.

Feeling like crap for a couple months due to an allergic reaction is yet another chance to deal with discomfort. No big deal.



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