The Palin Guide to the Founding Documents for Tea Party Candidates

If you’re running as a tea party candidate, you’re most likely selling yourself as someone who values the constitution and by extension the historical foundation of our government. The problem with doing that is you actually have to learn some history. Here are some basic facts (off the top of my head) about the key documents that defined the founding of our great nation:

  • Declaration of Independence (1776) – Jefferson wrote it. It’s short and full of zingers like the “all men are created equal”. Of course, Jefferson owned over 100 slaves. He probably should have added “but some are more equal than others” to that opening line.
  • Federalist Papers (1787) – These are brilliant essays by three brilliant dudes: Madison ($5000 bill), Hamilton ($10), and someone else who doesn’t have his face on any currency and thus doesn’t matter. These 85 articles form a basis on which the Constitution can be interpreted. They also had a value at the time of convincing folks to ratify.
  • Constitution (1787-89) – A Twitter version of the Federalist papers that serves as the “supreme law” of the land. It starts with “We the People” and was used recently to remind us that corporations are people too. In other words, it’s a supremely powerful document that can be supremely misinterpreted to arrive at any conclusion whatsoever.
  • Bill of Rights (1791) – First ten amendments to the constitution. Many of these are taken for granted today as obvious and necessary truths of a just society, but are remarkably radical examples of moral soundness and idealism for the time.

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