“The More I Tap Out The More Unbeatable I Am”

The quote in the title comes from Ryron Gracie (in the video below) who is scheduled to compete against Andre Galvao on October 14th. It refers to the fact that losing gives you an opportunity to learn the gaps and flaws in your jiu jitsu game. But it also is clearly something Ryron tells himself to help fight the ego that is an ever-present and at-times-destructive force in jiu jitsu and in life.

When I first heard the quote in the title I was put off a bit. That sounded like the opposite of something a top grappler should say before an epic superfight, but then the deeper meaning of it began to emerge. I realized that it came from a humble dedication to learning the art which is perhaps bigger than any individual competitive accomplishments.

I have tremendous respect for Ryron Gracie for going against Andre Galvao. Ryron’s competition resume is much smaller than that of Galvao, so he is a huge underdog. But given that he is a big-time well-respected instructor, the fact that he accepted this fight is truly admirable. I believe that very few people in his position would do so. That in itself is a victory to be proud of: a victory over his ego.


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  1. Alan

    As much as I want to see Roger and Buchecha go at it, to me, the marquee match-up is Ryron and Galvao. This really is where 2 worlds and philosophies collide. Ryron, the representative of self-defense oriented, traditional jiu-jitsu, and Galvao, who is a monster on the sport scene. The only scenario I would enjoy more would be if Marcelo was subbed in for Galvao. This will be epic.

    1. Lex Post author

      Agreed on all counts! I don’t think that Ryron is the best representative of the “survive” philosophy (especially given that he is much bigger than Galvao), but it will still be fascinating.


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