The Green and Gold

For a person that doesn’t watch TV and reads as much as I can manage in a day, my love of football has always puzzled me as it never quite fit into the personal value system according to which I’ve structure my life. So here is really the question: why do we love sports?

I have been a fan of the Green Bay Packers since moving to the United States from Russia. The place I moved to was Naperville (a western suburb of Chicago). Why am I not a Bears fan then, you ask? The person that introduced me to football, and really to most things in America, is my very close friend Allen. He was and is a huge Packers fan.

For many reasons it’s a remarkable team, the only one in football that is publicly owned by about 112,000 local residents. There is a 40 year 80,000 person waiting list for season tickets. Packers fans, in other words, are loyal (surviving proudly the drought of the 70s and 80s).

As I said above I spend very little time watching TV or keeping up with any sport-related news. Every week, I simply watch the Packers game, quietly, without the slightest concern for the fantasy points of this or that player. I only want them to win, but even if they don’t, I still walk away somehow feeling better (though a bit heartbroken).

I don’t have answers as to why I have this 15 year relationship with the Packers, but I do know that is has been one of the only constants in my life, through different girlfriends, hobbies, schools, apartments, I’ve always had the 2-3 hours on Sundays in the fall to take my mind off the concerns of the real world.

Why am I writing about this now? Just maybe because they made the playoffs last weekend by beating the Bears at home in Lambeau. And there are few things I love in life more than watching the Packers beat the Bears and then rubbing it in the faces of my Chicago friends.

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