The End of Faith and the Beginning of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and philosopher who is popularly known as an outspoken critic of religion. He is not militant about his atheism, and doesn’t have the at-times-annoying self-righteousness (and British accent) of Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens. He is simply a man who believes in the beautiful simplicity and power of the scientific method.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to randomly stumble on a blog post of his on brazilian jiu jitsu from a couple days ago. It’s interesting to see world-class intellects (that can also write) get the BJJ bug and read what they have to say about the experience.

There is no doubt that jiu jitsu has a lot to teach anyone who takes themselves very seriously (which is most of us). Sam Harris describes the beauty of that in that blog post above. He compares the claims that some martial artists make to those that religious leaders make. But unlike those of the latter, the former can be put to the test. This is where jiu jitsu excels, and the truth is made clear. There are no places for the truth to hide in the jiu jitsu gi. It’s a sport that makes honest men of all of us.

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