The Bull Fight Pass

I’ve been focused on guard passing lately. Passing fast or slow, heavy or loose, exploring the possibilities, figuring out the details, and most of all: getting the drilling reps in.

This post is about a pass that I don’t utilize nearly enough in training or competition: the toreando pass. The basic idea of the pass is to get around the legs without letting the opponent defend by using his legs or hips. Too often I’ll let the opponent have one of my legs and work from there. Why do that, when I can just skip past all that exhausting and dangerous de la riva guard chaos?

Andre Galvao shows a version that I really like as it doesn’t just pin down the legs, it pins down the hips too. This should be my bread and butter:

Draculino shows the more traditional bull pass with both hands on the opponent’s pants just below the knees. He brings his hips forward to get the opponent to push back and use that force to bring the opponent’s leg down to the mat and pin them there. Xande shows a lot of variations of this push/pull idea on the guard passing series of his instructional. Here’s Draculino:

And here is a versatile variation of the Galvao pass above from Lucio Linhares where instead of posting his right hand on the hip he posts it on the ground in the underhook position:

And another variation from Demian Maia on the Galvao version above with a key unique detail where he flares out his elbow to restrict the movement of the opponent’s leg. Usually in jiu-jitsu the rule is elbows in but in this case clearly it’s an effective way to prevent the reguarding motion:

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