Technology as an Extension of Your Body

One of the things Benjamin Franklin (according to his autobiography) and I have in common is that we obsessively keep stats about various aspects of our personal and professional life.

So, I find technology like the Zeo alarm clock especially interesting IF it works. It’s supposed to monitor your sleep patterns, etc. However, based on what I understand, and what common sense tells me, a safe non-intrusive technology cannot possibly report within a reasonable margin of error and sufficient detail on your sleep patterns. In general, while I’m very curious, I remain a skeptic on any technology that claims to monitor any aspect of the brain’s function.

The field of wearable computing encompasses a lot of the technologies which are very exciting to me (and other techny dreamers). It has not delivered on the promise for the most part YET, but as cellphone get smaller and more powerful, the possibility of your body interacting closely with a cellphone-type device may become a reality. What cellphones and and wearable computing have so far been able to do effectively is deliver augmented reality to the user. Examples of this are well known apps for live translation of text streamed through a cellphone camera or live labeling of famous landmarks. In general overlaying extra information on an image is a useful and young field full of opportunities for innovation.


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