Take The Long Way Home

I decided to take a different way to BJJ United today (Saturday). Instead of the Market-Frankford line to Broad Street line to 55 bus, I took my bike on a regional rail train to the Jenkintown-Wyncote stop which is about a mile away from the school. The problem is that I got lost. There are a lot of roads going out from the station, so it was a little disorienting and though I took the right road at first, I began to doubt myself and decided to ask for directions.


First, let me say to the dear people of Jenkintown… I asked four of you for directions today. All four gave directions with outmost confidence, and all four were wrong. The worst one was the first one: a chatty couple of older ladies that told me to go in the opposite direction when I was just a minute away from the destination. This sent me on an 8 mile journey around the area, pictured above.

When I asked those ladies for directions there were about 5 minutes left before the start of practice. They asked me what brazilian jiu jitsu was and given that I still had hope of making it to practice on time, I hastily said that it was kind of like wrestling but more useful in a self-defense situation. Side note: I have no idea why I put it that way, but I was trying to relate it to their view of martial arts.

I was frustrated for having to backtrack. In fact, frustration would be the main theme for the next hour. I should say that I hate biking, and I really hate biking on hilly terrain. Jenkintown has more hills than the god damn stock market. Now, 8 miles on a bike is really not a big deal. But the combination of the fact that I was missing practice, that I was lost, that the f’ing steep hills were making me work, that I badly had to take a piss all really put me to the test mentally. I told myself that even if I have to go another hour, I will make it to the school. I did make it, exactly an hour late (just as practice was wrapping up), which was awkward, because I didn’t really think about how I would explain this. I basically came in, said hi, and went back home.

As I got home, I did a hard circuit workout to get the frustration out, and spent the rest of the day and night behind the computer happily programming.

I’m not sure this blog post has any value or meaning, but it’s an experience. I’ve been trying new ways of doing things, getting places, etc, and sometimes that means you have to take the long way home:


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