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Self Knowledge

“The fighter’s self-knowledge must turn the battle into something pleasant. The Jiu-Jitsu practitioner must have fun in the championships. That way, it all becomes easy.” – Fabio Gurgel

I got the above quote from a remarkably good list of 20 ways to improve your grappling. It presents suggestions from some of the most respected competitors and teachers in jiu jitsu.

I’d like to focus on this quote, or rather what I take from it. My ultimate goal is for there to be no place that a match can go where I don’t feel comfortable and happy to be there.

I think this requires honest self-analysis, finding the weaknesses, and attacking them. Technique wise, my currently least favorite position is on bottom in side control. Today a very good player (significantly lighter than me) held me there for maybe 3-4 minutes. Since he was smaller he couldn’t just lock down and hold, he moved with me constantly threatening mount and submissions.

Landlord in the Laundry Room with a Gun

My landlord changed the lock on the laundry room door andĀ disappearedĀ from the face of the earth. He is probably on his way down to Mexico now with a dead hooker in his trunk.

I don’t know the story of the lock change, but I do know that I train a lot, and I haven’t had access to the laundry room for 4 days.

The result is that I get to go into the dark abyss of my closet where I keep the gi’s that just haven’t felt right for me to wear for one reason or another. So I thought I would take this opportunity to list them, and mention which ones I like or don’t like. Turns out there’s 10 total of them, and only 3 clean ones left to go. Thank goodness tomorrow night is a no-gi, muay thai, and mma night.

  • Gi’s I like:
    • Fuji Double Weave White (Size 4)
    • Fuji Double Weave Blue (Size 4)
    • 2 x Fuji Single Weave Blue (Size 4)
    • Fuji BJJ Gi White (Size A2) too small
    • Padilla and Sons BJJ Gi (Size A2)
    • Jiu Jitsu Matrix BJJ Gi (Size A3) too small
  • Gi’s I used to love, but now we are just lukewarm friends

My two most expensive gi’s (the Mizuno Shiai) are great except they are just a little too big, even after all the shrinking.

The bottom line is that what makes a good gi for me is how well it fits first, and how cheap it is second. The Fuji single weave is $40 and yet it has lasted me longer than all my other gis. I racked up most of my early judo and bjj competitions in it. It doesn’t have too bad of a flimsy novice feel to it that a lot of single weave gi’s do.

The truth is I’ve been happiest with my cheapest gi’s.

As long as they stay clean… There’s a dead hooker in a trunk of a car on its way down south that’s preventing me from fulfilling that very important requirement at this time. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring some light to this mystery.