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Landlord in the Laundry Room with a Gun

My landlord changed the lock on the laundry room door andĀ disappearedĀ from the face of the earth. He is probably on his way down to Mexico now with a dead hooker in his trunk.

I don’t know the story of the lock change, but I do know that I train a lot, and I haven’t had access to the laundry room for 4 days.

The result is that I get to go into the dark abyss of my closet where I keep the gi’s that just haven’t felt right for me to wear for one reason or another. So I thought I would take this opportunity to list them, and mention which ones I like or don’t like. Turns out there’s 10 total of them, and only 3 clean ones left to go. Thank goodness tomorrow night is a no-gi, muay thai, and mma night.

  • Gi’s I like:
    • Fuji Double Weave White (Size 4)
    • Fuji Double Weave Blue (Size 4)
    • 2 x Fuji Single Weave Blue (Size 4)
    • Fuji BJJ Gi White (Size A2) too small
    • Padilla and Sons BJJ Gi (Size A2)
    • Jiu Jitsu Matrix BJJ Gi (Size A3) too small
  • Gi’s I used to love, but now we are just lukewarm friends

My two most expensive gi’s (the Mizuno Shiai) are great except they are just a little too big, even after all the shrinking.

The bottom line is that what makes a good gi for me is how well it fits first, and how cheap it is second. The Fuji single weave is $40 and yet it has lasted me longer than all my other gis. I racked up most of my early judo and bjj competitions in it. It doesn’t have too bad of a flimsy novice feel to it that a lot of single weave gi’s do.

The truth is I’ve been happiest with my cheapest gi’s.

As long as they stay clean… There’s a dead hooker in a trunk of a car on its way down south that’s preventing me from fulfilling that very important requirement at this time. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring some light to this mystery.