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Building a Habit of Mental Toughness

I’ll often watch and draw wisdom from the following video of Cary Kolat discussing an encounter with a Mongolian wrestler who took an ice cold shower without flinching.

I’ll sometimes post some grandiose self-congratulating declaration on Facebook about my recent progress towards a goal. For example, I’ve been posting recently about the number of takedowns I got in training. I made a goal of getting 200 takedowns in 5 weeks.

These Facebook updates are a sign of my struggling to build a habit of a tough task. Once the habit is built, and it becomes part of my daily life, it no longer will be dramatic enough to ┬ánecessitate any kind of acknowledgement. I just do it, quietly, day after day. That’s what drilling has become for me. It’s a very taxing activity mentally and physically, but I got used to it.

I think that’s what mental toughness is. It’s not something you have to convince yourself of having in a sudden rush of motivation. It’s something you build slowly by doing a ┬áchallenging/uncomfortable task every day, day after day, without exceptions. It’s simple. Then the ice cold shower that Kolat talks about is no longer a surprise. It’s just a way of life, a welcome twist in our shot stint here on this little planet.

Cary Kolat on Mental Toughness

I know that me and the guy in this video are worlds apart in our skill level, toughness, etc. But I like the story he told about the Mongolian wrestler taking the freezing cold shower without flinching.


Now, I will never fight the battles Cary Kolat fought, or anything close. But I will have plenty of ice-cold showers in my life, and not flinching is a damn good goal to live by.