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MovNat for Jiu Jitsu

I was introduced to an interesting approach to fitness called MovNat by Josh who had an weekend experience with it recently. As a former addict of heavy weight training, I have chosen (over the last several months) to hop onto the Marcelo Garcia path of no strength training or cardio outside of jiu jitsu. This has worked well for me, but I do think there is value in mixing things up with fun bodyweight circuits of any kind. MovNat provides exactly that. It emphasizes natural movements of the kind you would use if you were just a monkey moving about in a jungle or a little kid moving around the playground.

Like many fitness programs that my former meathead self would surely make fun of, this one sounds like it would not be challenging at all. But, of course, it can be. You are focusing not on the present fact that your muscles are burning but on achieving specific tasks like climbing across a tree branch without falling, jumping from rock to rock, etc.

I only did two sessions with Josh, but I can already see that the part of MovNat most applicable to jiu jitsu is the improvisation I’m required to do using natural movements to deal with particular tasks. There are a LOT of ways to move when I’m passing guard, for example, and the idea of constant effortless movement is essential for keeping the opponent on defense for long periods of time. MovNat has the same structure. I’m faced with a new challenge every 1-5 seconds and have to transition into it while constantly moving with good posture, awareness, balance, etc.