Tabata Method for Judo and BJJ

The Tabata Method is just another one of many ways to do a “high-intensity interval training” workout. The “method” is do something at a crazy pace for 20 seconds then 10 seconds of rest (or something at a light pace), repeat for 4 minutes.

I tried it with an interval timer for 6 minutes (the approximate length of a judo / bjj match). I did four such “matches” (with about 5 minutes of rest in between). It doesn’t sound like much but it was real tough especially given that I softened up a bit in the last month of long days behind the computer.

For the first “match”, I did burpees. For the second, 32 kg kettlebell swings. For the third, I alternated between chin-ups and clap push-ups. For the fourth, I did seoi nage fits with bands. The last “match” was the toughest, given that my legs started giving out at the 2 minute mark. I kept imagining that I’m trying to pass a tough guard.

Anyway, it’s not a fun work out, but definitely a good way to help keep the cardio up and mentally toughen up a bit.

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