Staring at the Wall for Inspiration and Innovation

The world is full of distractions. We try to deal with it by designing productivity systems (e.g. Getting Things Done), when for many people (or at least myself) what is missing is not a good system but some quality wall-starin’ time.

By that I mean long continuous blocks of time in which to think. Focus on one problem, and don’t go off on mental tangents, indulge is technology-enabled distractions, etc. Think about the plan for the day, about how to accomplish the most important task in front of you at work, but also think about more general things like where you are in life, what your life-long goals are, and even more broadly the why questions that can be found unanswered in most existential philosophy literature.

That’s what is too often missing for me… time away from the computer, from deadlines, from rushing from point A to point B, or even from brainless relaxation. It’s a time for the mouse to pause it’s long trek through the maze and ponder the cheese.

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