Squats are a Man’s Best Friend

I guess I should start posts off with some quantitative data on the day’s training.

Intensity is on a scale of 0 to 4:

0: very light (lots of walking, yawning, and no sweat)
1: light (same as medium, but with some sitting-out, so basically trying to do medium but failing because of injury)
2: medium (standard training, there should be a good amount of sweat)
3: intense (hard randori, non-stop uchikomi, extensive interval training)
4: epic (should be rare)

I should make a page for that scale so I don’t have to repost it every time. I should do many things… Anyway:

  • Lifting: 2
  • Judo: 1
  • Watching judo: 1 hour (during meals)

In practice, I did about 100 uchikomi, and thanks to some medicine balls kept the intensity relatively high. However, felt shoulder pain creep up so sat out of about half (maybe a third) of the practice. Will demonstrated Soto Makikomi which is a throw I think I should really get into from the belt grip and also in general. The idea I’m thinking of is to try Seoi Nage and if that’s blocked, switch to Soto Makikomi. I’m yet to throw or even fit this idea. But it’s something I want to do.

On another note, it felt good to do squats today, both regular and overhead. I also did lunges and snatches. These two are exercises which I don’t do enough of, when in reality they should be one of the pillars of my training. If my shoulder gets better, they will definitely become that.

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