Six Billion Reasons

$6.6 billion, sent by plane in cash to Iraq were “lost”.

This story, to me, sums up the fundamental flaw in any argument for reconstruction of a developing nation, even one that lives in the 20th century (e.g. Iraq) as opposed to one that lives in the 18th century (e.g. Afghanistan).

I know it’s now become a lot more popular to question the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. But that’s even more frustrating… To see the same people that blindly pushed for the invasion of Iraq, now finding “fiscal discipline” and calling for troop withdrawal. What happened to the “victory” they demanded before any such withdrawal could be made?

Such schizophrenic foreign policy debate convinces me that we are bound to make the same mistakes again in the future, over and over, watching billions and trillions of dollars be “lost” on their way from the U.S. taxpayer to some new yet unsold cause of grave concern.

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