Sit-up Guard with a Dominant Lapel Grip

Gi class and training on Saturday afternoon at BJJ United. The one time in the week that I can make it there while the sun is still up. Here are some clips from that training session. Click “like” on it if you want to see more of those:


The video actually shows Jared pulling off a variation of a technique he taught in class: a sweep from the sit-up guard. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any good YouTube videos showing a similar sweep from this position. I find that good de la riva guard players like to sit up into this guard and look for sweeps by driving forward or knocking my back foot out. Jared showed a powerful grip variation that worked well. Here’s a random descent video of another sweep from this position:


I never liked playing the “sit-up” guard for the same reason I don’t like playing the one-legged x-guard as I feel like I lack control of the opponent. Of course, with the grip Jared showed there’s more than enough control but it’s a fight to get that grip. I also don’t like going against this guard as it’s risky if the opponent is quick. I put pressure and look for knee cut pass with the sleeve grip, but that’s doesn’t always work.

As always, thanks to BJJ United, they’re good people (Jared, Wilson, Sharon, etc) and tough training partners. Email or friend on Facebook.

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