Shoyoroll Gis: Better Than Sex?

Let me get this straight. Today, the new “Americana” and “ComPadre” Shoyoroll gi’s will go on sale at 12pm pacific time. They will be available for 2 hours only on budovideos. Also, you can’t buy more than two gi’s.

This is a gi we are talking about, right? I’ve heard several people today talk about this gi as if it gives you god-like powers

I don’t own a Shoyoroll, and honestly can’t see myself spending more than $100 on a gi. To me, a good gi is a clean one, and one that fits well.

I’m not knocking it, I’m just stating my ignorance and confusion to the world.

0 thoughts on “Shoyoroll Gis: Better Than Sex?

  1. Dave

    We judoka have thankfully missed the boat when it comes to the mythical powers of an expensive gi.

    Except triple-stiffened double-thick collars. That’s just cheating.


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