Seoi Nage: Post-Criticism

I’ve recently written a couple posts about seoi nage here and here and also posted a few videos of it up for critique by the kind folks at the Judo Forum here. Because of all the criticism, I found myself questioning every aspect of my technique, which is a great thing for the learning process. I took a couple videos on Monday of a (1) speed throwing drill and (2) regular throwing session.

0 thoughts on “Seoi Nage: Post-Criticism

  1. Joe Cianfarra


    You just change the throw from a two step to a three step attack! Another thing you might think about is when you like to do this throw. If you plan on moving backwards you need to practice the pirouette style turn – note the moving throw video the other gentleman posted for you. You are advanced enough to change from the basic form, but it is of course your preference. Really proud of you!! JLC

  2. lexfridman Post author

    Thanks, Joe. Good suggestion. I’ve been working that turn. It’s so tough to teach your hips to do it naturally… In fact, very little about judo feels natural at first šŸ˜‰


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