Sebastian Brosche Guard Passing Study (Inspired by BJJ Scout)

Update (Dec 23, 2013): Added the video for part 2 of the study.

Update (Dec 29, 2013): Added the video for part 3 of the study.

About a month ago, I did a podcast interview with Sebastian Brosche. As part of that, I watched a lot of competition footage, and saw a few interesting things about the way he approaches guard passing. I’ve been doing this kind of studying ever since I started jiu jitsu, but folks like BJJ Scout have inspired me to arrange these studies in organized form and put it online. It forces me to be more deliberate with my study, and hopefully it gives other people ideas. The internet more than anything else will help elevate the level of jiu jitsu that everyone is doing.

So I outlined a 3-part study on Sebastian’s guard passing. Here is parts 1 and 2, and part 3 will be coming soon. I’ll let the videos speak for

If it’s something that people find helpful, I’ll make more, and put it up here and on the Take It Uneasy facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Sebastian Brosche Guard Passing Study (Inspired by BJJ Scout)

  1. Jason -

    Thank you for putting this together.
    I’ve been using the thigh stomp to break someones spider guard grip but for some reason didn’t think to use it as a pass as well, definitely give it a try next session . For some reason I actually like the non-gentleness of this.
    Brutally simple yet effective.

    1. Lex Post author

      Awesome. I’ve been surprised by how many people have commented on the “non-gentleness” of this technique. I’ve been on the receiving end of it, and on the giving end of it, and never saw it as non-gentle. To me anything that cause injury is bad, but anything that creates a lot of harmless pressure is good. This is definitely in the harmless pressure category.


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