Solid Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals


Fundamentals class (6-7pm) at BJJ United precedes kettlebells, no-gi, and then an advanced bjj class. It’s always packed with good training partners, and a lot of them.

I like this class because in it Jared Weiner usually shows the basics, and I’m all about the basics. All I want to do in jiu jitsu, in the end, is to excel at the fundamentals.

I got a chance to train with Jared and Rafa (one of my favorite training partners). Rafa kept going to inverted guard which is great to see because it makes me feel like I’m not being ridiculous for working on this guard also. He has a very technical game that’s fun to figure out and find answers to.

The roll with Jared was excellent. He has exactly the kind of top game I hope to developlex-fridman-rafa-rolling-at-bjj-united one day. Lots of pressure, strong powerful passing, knee on belly, chokes, backtakes, etc. I went for a basic x-guard entry that works on most people, and he just didn’t even pay attention to it. He broke the butterfly guard, and passed real heavy. I had no space to move, none. Awesome jiu jitsu!

I also did the Kettlebells class with Sharon. I especially liked the pass-under lunges. She had a better name for them, but I forget it now. Here’s a video of this exercise. It’s definitely a good mix of balance, coordination, strength, and there’s a kind of nice flow to it.

PS: Thanks to Greg (a BJJ United student) for the excellent photography. It’s always great to see someone be very good at their hobby (or job).

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