Rhino vs Buffalo: The Open Class Finals of the Masters Worlds

I just watched the finals of the open class from this year’s (2012) Master’s Worlds between two legendary jiu jitsu competitors, and perhaps more importantly, two legendary jiu jitsu instructors: Saulo Ribeiro and Eduardo Telles. Saulo won his division (super heavy) and Telles won his (heavy). Here’s video of their match:

This match reminded of those videos on YouTube where you have two badass members of the animal kingdom go at it one on one. When big animals fight, the win comes slowly and often not at all. But still everyone wants to see it happen. A good example of that is this video of a rhino versus a buffalo that’s been making rounds on YouTube:

Just like it’s sad to see the buffalo “lose”, it’s said to see Telles lose. Though in the latter case he lost because the rules of sport jiu jitsu penalize the fundamental idea of his incredibly unique game. Telles plays is a master of the turtle guard. Unfortunately, in many cases, the transition to turtle guard results in his opponent being awarded an advantage.

In any case, everyone would love to see this match up continue in years to come, just like everyone will always love watching a crocodile battle a lion or a rhino battle a hippo.

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