Rhadi Ferguson with Strikeforce

Rhadi Ferguson

Rhadi Ferguson has been a prominent figure in United States judo, and so it’s exciting to see him gain more publicity for the sport of judo by having success in MMA. His first two bouts ended early in the first round with a knockout win. In my opinion his striking looked a little awkward. Though he is 35 years old, I hope he takes his time in adjusting to this new sport (his 4th professional one) and doesn’t bite off more than he can chew. Granted this man can chew a lot, especially at 205 lbs when he looks like 240 lbs of lean muscle.

His third fight was just announced to be on Jan 7 under Strikeforce. He’s going against another inexperienced fighter Ion Cherdivara.

Ion Cherdivara

I would love to see a good takedown and a submission, though given Rhadi’s raw power, he’ll probably be looking for ground and pound off of the takedown.

I’m also not sure that Rhadi Ferguson is a good fit for 205. He is a natural 230 when he’s in peak condition. I have no idea how he’ll be able to come down to 205. It might take too much out of him.

In any case, good luck, Rhadi!

Here are some other notable judoka in MMA:

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  1. Lex Post author

    It’s always surprising to me how great wrestlers / grapplers choose to stand up and strike just because that’s something they’ve been focusing in training for last 1-2 years. Hopefully, Rhadi works on his weaknesses, but in the actual match use what he is best at: takedown, pass, submit or ground and pound.

  2. JVN

    Yeah, I wouldn’t call Sokoudjou a very good mixed martial artists, although he is a top 10 Light Heavyweight within the first round, but he is one of the best at translating his judo to the MMA world.


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