Review: Ryan Hall’s Instructional on Arm Triangles

Ryan Hall has released a new 3-dvd set on just arm triangles. Everything I’ve seen of it so far reminds exactly why his instructionals are (in my humble opinion) the best out there today. I’ve been praising his backtake dvd ever since I started jiu jitsu, and it’s probably had more influence on my game than any other instructional.

He presents all the techniques in the context of a unifying system of principles. So he essentially gives you the tools with which to go drill / train to figure out the details that make the techniques work for your body type.

The bottom line is that he can verbally explain in detail all the things that make the technique work. I think a lot of instructionals are more “show” and less “tell”. That’s okay for in-person instruction when the teacher can walk over and fix the stuff you’re doing. But for “one-way” instructionals, the more detail about the principles behind the technique is provided the better. While, in class, I usually like it when the instructor is brief and then walks around fixing stuff. I want the opposite from the instructional.

Given the depth of his explanations, it’s hard to believe that Ryan is relatively young, and also started jiu jitsu relatively late in life. He is truly one of the best teachers of the art that I’ve encountered (never in person). Anyway, check it out, and buy it if you can afford it, so that he keeps making more of them.

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