Rebuilding the Jiu Jitsu Colosseum

The BJJ United academy got flooded yesterday when the fire sprinklers “malfunctioned” and went off. Jared Weiner (the head instructor) put out a video documenting this unbelievable event (that couldn’t come at a worse time):

What I think a lot of people were inspired by is how Jared took on this situation as he takes on a lot of challenges on the mat: whatever happens in life, you don’t whine and sulk, but focus and overcome it.

If you know Jared, you know how much of his blood, sweat, and tears go into the school. Send him a note. He recently put out an instructional dvd set all about knee on belly. I think actually buying that would be an especially nice way to show support. I wrote a review of it a while ago. It shows that he attacks his opponents the same way he is attacking this mat flooding misfortune: with intensity.

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