Rear Half-Naked Choke

Below is a video of Dustin Denes showing what is essentially a rear naked choke that is assisted by grabbing your own gi. Ignoring the obviously quirky personality of the instructor, to me this is another reminder that the possibility of creative chokes from the back are endless.


Still, for me, I’m convinced that some chokes work better than others. I believe in the jiu-jitsu fundamentals we learn from day one. To me, in this position, the two basic chokes are: the standard gi choke from the back and the bow-and-arrow choke. These are the one I focus on.

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  1. Eric Silverman

    Let me list the ridiculous terms in this video before I remind everyone that all he is showing is Hadaka Jime with the gi. In fact if you watch closly when he actually uses it in the tournament he even grabs his hand with his other hand in the classic Hadaka Jime style. NOT a new technquie, just a new name, and a stupid one at that. Nothing erks me quite like people claiming to have a new move when all they really have is a new name.

    Ridiculous terms that don’t belong in BJJ
    Executioner or executioner style
    Gun to his head
    Time for execution
    Execute him (mawa ha ha with eye balls)
    Dynamite grip
    Boom BLASTED ….
    maken a scramble like scrambled eggs
    He’s goin he’s goin he’s goin NOWHEREEEEEE
    gotch you on missile lock
    comin to skin you aliveeeee
    proceed with dis skin-in
    here come da machete

    1. Lex Post author

      Hahaha. Great analysis.

      The people claiming moves doesn’t erk me as much though, perhaps because I’ve been seeing it for years in my work (research). People come up with cool stuff all the time, and of course it’s been done before, it’s ALL been done before, but still they lay claim to it in their circle of friends, colleagues, and training partners.

  2. Dolph

    I found the technique interesting but really enjoyed the commentary on his competition footage. Everyone has an internal voice (i.e., talks to themselves), but he should stop talking to himself out loud.


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