Rain and Other Excuses

I’ve been running to afternoon training and back. I did it when it was below freezing. I did it when the wind was beating up my face with dirt bits it picked up from the ground. No problem.

Rain is the new challenge. I’ve ran in a drizzle before many times and arrived damp. That’s no problem. But when it’s pouring, it’s a different “experience”. Something about the feeling of a wet blanket attached to your body is a real pain in the a**, even on a quick 1-2 mile run.

The nice thing about rain though is it makes you question your approach to life. It makes you question why you give a damn about being wet or why it even feels unpleasant for your clothes to be soaking wet. Monkeys and lions have been sitting in puddles of mud in torrential downpours for thousands of years. I would be hard pressed to provide any good evidence of why I’m any better than those two. It is true that I have read Nietzsche, but to most creatures in the jungle that makes me even less worthy of respect.

0 thoughts on “Rain and Other Excuses

  1. Dolph

    Very stoic of you.

    I don’t like walking or running in the rain most of the time either because I dread being stuck in drenched clothes for hours. But I cherish a downpour when headed home because I can just enjoy the world awash in water knowing that dry clothes will be waiting for me.


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